June 18, 2024


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Why Retaking A Levels Is a Great Solution

Many students dream of entering university; before they can do that, they prepare for higher education by taking A Levels. Taking A levels is a vital step as it allows students to choose what subjects interest them, taking that next step to completing their dream course and pursuing a career in that chosen field.

But if you failed your A Levels by some misfortune, is it all right to retake it? Remember that it is not the end of the world because A Level resits are common. Here are things you should know.

Resitting your A Levels

It is essential to know that you can resit your A Levels. You have some options, including postponing taking it until the next academic year. Do not worry because there is no age limit for A Levels. However, if it takes longer, you may need to meet some General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) prerequisites.

Retaking the A Levels 

If you want to retake A Levels, you can take it at your school, or choose to take it at a college or sixth form. Another option is to do it online as a private candidate. A great option is a college or sixth form because you will attend classes with peers. However, it could be an expensive option. A cheaper alternative is to take it online, where you will be a private candidate. It is a flexible option, allowing you to do it entirely or partially online. 

Why you should consider A Levels retake

Retaking your A Levels gives you a chance to get better grades, so your opportunity for acceptance into a university increases. However, it will delay your application for about a year. But no one can stop you from retaking your A Levels if you do not consider it a problem. 

You have a higher chance of getting a better grade because the questions in A-level retakes are usually similar to the actual exam. Likewise, you already know how much work you need to do to get a good grade. The approach may change, but the knowledge and skills you need to answer the questions will be the same. Thus, you have an advantage over other students who are first-time A Levels exam takers. 

Chances of acceptance

Most universities, including Cambridge and Oxford, accept students who retook their A Levels. Some universities consider them as more committed to their studies. It shows a higher level of dedication on the side of the students and the desire to do what it takes to follow the degree they want. 

However, some universities require the student to explain what made them retake their A Levels. What you should do is to call the university and enquire about their guidelines about resitters of A Levels. 

Retaking A Levels could be the best thing for you, particularly if you have a specific degree you want to pursue but missed out on the grade the first time. Then, you can find the right school where you wish to resit. Remember that a temporary setback should not stop you from achieving your dream.