June 25, 2024


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What is Peeragogy? A Quick Overview


We are living in a digitally targeted environment that is in a consistent point out of flux. New systems are remaining introduced in unparalleled pace. Ahead of we were being equipped to take in the instantaneous transformations ushered by Fb, YouTube was released followed by Twitter a few major social media platforms that have eternally transformed the human life on this world. 

It is a truism now that in the course of the very first two decades of this millenium, the digital landscape witnessed the birth of a large wide range of world-wide-web systems that with each other have reshaped the way  we go about performing our everyday living, business enterprise and training.  For us in the industry of instruction, we have viewed very first hand the fantastic things (and the undesirable issues) know-how has introduced to the sector and how, especially soon after the pandemic, we have developed to be quasi if not totally dependent on its expert services. 

For instance, all through the lockdown,  online and distant education ended up the sole feasible way to teach and discover. Academics PD, workshops, and conferences e-migrated to the digital world hence creating a new enjoying subject that, for some of us, is utterly new. 

With the growing virtualization of education and learning, there appeared (or re-surfaced) a large range  of finding out and educating concepts. Heutagogy, cybergogy, andragogy, and peeragogy are all examples of concepts that have become significantly appropriate in present day digitally centered pedagogies. I have now protected these studying ideas in a earlier publish here in educatorstechnology.com, and right now I want to  introduce you to the idea of peeragogy. 

Peeragogy is a idea centered on collaborative and peer-to peer teaching and studying. It is premised on the assumption that learning is a socially constructive act that consists of an ongoing interaction amid distinct actors which include people, groups of persons, encompassing environment, among other people. At the core of peeragogical thinking is the means to co-construct know-how.

seeks to empower the worldwide population of self-motivated learners who use digital media to link with each other, to co-assemble understanding, to co-discover. Co-finding out is historical the capacity for studying by imitation and a lot more, to teach others what we know, is the essence of human tradition. We are human simply because we study jointly. Right now, even so, the introduction of digital manufacturing media and distribution/communication networks has raised the energy and possible of co-finding out to a new degree. If you want to find out how to resolve a pipe, fix a partial differential equation, write software package, you are seconds absent from know-how by way of YouTube, Wikipedia and look for engines. Access to technology and entry to expertise, nevertheless, is not ample. Learning is a social, lively, and ongoing procedure.


Verify out this useful resource from Wikibooks for a fast overview of the peeragogy handbook. Also, watch this small video clip of Howard Rheingold introducing the handbook  (video opens in Vimeo)

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