February 24, 2024


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What did you once consider necessary in your life that you no longer utilize? – George Couros

What did you once consider necessary in your life that you no longer utilize? – George Couros


I was looking through a blog site put up (it is personal on a district domain, so I just cannot share!) by educator Anna Sage, who designed these an eloquent link between the training and health-related fields with a unique concentration on innovation. 

She shared that throughout a the latest visit to the dentist and receiving a enamel mould, she was surprised that they weren’t likely to use the “pink goop” used in the earlier!

Even though studying her article, this part stopped me in my tracks!



“In each the medical and training fields, technological innovations that are proven to be much more successful and successful are far more commonly embraced. We see the worth in factors like using google docs to collaborate at the same time and stay clear of the “I FORGOT TO SAVE” scare. We see the price in know-how creating factors a lot more successful, considerably less tiresome, and, in the circumstance of the pink goop, much less messy!”

Anna Sage



“FORGOT TO Preserve!”


I forgot that “FORGOT TO SAVE” was a issue!

But then the recollections started coming back again.

So lots of men and women ended up terrified about “losing” all of their perform on Google Docs when they initially commenced to use it, and the “FORGOT TO SAVE” functionality was a little something they had been terrified of shedding.

I then had this imagined.

From time to time, what we are most scared to drop in the moment, we can sooner or later fail to remember even existed.

There can effortlessly be a lifestyle or training (or both) analogy on that statement, but it hit me like a ton of bricks.  

Right here are questions I have been pondering for my personal reflections:


What had been you after frightened to reduce in education that you no extended assume about or pass up?

What about in your particular existence?

What did you when look at essential in your lifetime that you no lengthier make the most of?


I can feel of a couple points, specifically on the particular side, but I will leave that for a potential post.

For now, I will go away you with this thought from Anna in her publish.



“How do we shift outside of our purely natural, human reactions and get ourselves out of the way of innovation? As educators, we know the importance of top by instance. If we want our learners to embrace new tips and methods of contemplating, then the very best point we can do is product it ourselves. I really don’t have all the answers. But I feel it starts with self-recognition, acceptance, and a willingness to expand.

When we are conscious of our reactions and the thoughts that travel them, we can shift our mindset to be extra curious and open up-minded. We can react somewhat than respond. We can accept that we are all undertaking the best we can with what we know at the time we can be keen to discover and mature to keep on to do the greatest we can with what we continue to understand. With this intention, innovation is guaranteed to comply with and you know what that means… no extra pink goop!”

Anna Sage



Make certain you join with Anna and verify out the issues going on in her classroom!