April 25, 2024


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Ways in Hiring the Right Person

4 Ways To Hire The Right Person For The Job in 2019

Getting a new employee is challenging for employers. They have to be able to find the right person for the position they are looking for. Another concern would be knowing the qualities of an applicant without even working with them. Hiring people is like gambling–you will never know what result you get. The ways of hiring the right person include several factors. 

Factors to Consider When Recruiting Employees


Experience is the number one factor the employees look into when hiring talent. Traditionally, employers hire people who have long experience in the field of practice. They believe that people with longer experience are more knowledgeable and more verse in doing the work. Although this belief is true, generations nowadays are fast learners and can be more detailed in doing their job. Technology has also been a big factor and making people capable of doing tasks faster and more efficiently.  

For employers, they may see the experience as a good point in hiring people. But chances should also be given to people who have the potential to do the work. 


The potential of a person is hard to tell by just merely looking at their resume or CV. Interviews can help a lot but the potential of an applicant will still be shady. Human resource personnel often can be the one to tell whether an applicant has potential or not. That is their main job and through years of practice maybe they have already mastered it. Another way to measure the capability of a person is by asking situational questions and having  them give their opinion on it. Employers for hiring personnel in charge should be able to evaluate their applicants by merely conversing with them. 

Some applicants are very good at selling themselves but not really good at doing it. This can be a concern once the employers hire them, but maybe chances can be given and it’s part of employers’ challenge to see if he can improve.  

Hard skills 

Each person has strengths and weaknesses. It is the same when it comes to skills for work. Some people have good skills in a certain task that they are well versed in but have some task they can’t do. Knowing an applicant’s capability to do a  certain task is relevant. Employers can measure this by giving some demonstration tests on the task they need for the position they are looking for. 

Hard skills can also be measured if the company is willing to do an internship. Candidates can join this internship to showcase their talents and show what they are capable of doing. Doing this  will be easier for the employer in hiring the right person for the job. 

Soft skills 

Soft skills matter, too. This skill often refers to the characteristics and attitude the applicant has. Communication, worth ethics, and being able to work with a team are included here. Most of the time soft skills are the basis of why employers hire people. Having a good attitude can be impressive especially during the recruitment process. 

Cultural fit 

Each company has their own rules to follow. It has been a common practice to abide by all the rules and regulations of the company you are working for. During the hiring process, employers will be orienting applicants regarding their rules and regulations. Even during the process employers will be able to evaluate who can follow and who cannot. 

Putting this all in one basket is quite challenging but it has to be done. If employers want a smooth recruitment process, then having a checklist for hiring employees will be a good thing to have since the hiring process is often just a cycle. It is helpful if checklists are made. A part of the factors listed above additional traits could also be included. 

Traits of a Potential Applicant:

  • Dedication

Applicants who show dedication during the application process will likely carry this attitude when you hire them. 

  • Reliability

Someone whom you can rely on is what you need in your company. 

  • Honesty

This is one of the most important traits an applicant should possess. If he is honest on the details written on his resume and the things he says during the interview., then it means he can be a trustworthy employee. 

  • Flexibility

A flexible applicant can be a potential talent. If a person can be flexible in his working skills then it will be good for the company. 

Employers should remember to put this on their checklist when selecting the right candidate for the job.