March 5, 2024


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Tools to Get Everyone on the Same Page


Finding a space whole of learners to glance at the identical doc, web site, or slideshow at the similar time occasionally feels like herding cats. Thankfully, there are some resources that can make this a bit a lot easier than frequently expressing, “please glimpse up in this article at the screen.”

DisplayNote Broadcast

DisplayNote Broadcast is a device that you can use on your laptop or computer to broadcast your screen to your students’ laptop, tablet, or cellphone screens. It is effective similarly effectively whether you use Mac, Windows, or Chromebook for the reason that it does not need you to put in any software package.

To use DisplayNote Broadcast you need to have a free account but your students do not. Once you’ve produced an account simply just go to the broadcast website and simply click “start a broadcast.” A 6 digit code is then developed. Give that code to your college students to enter on the DisplayNote Broadcast web-site and they’ll be equipped to observe together with every thing you do on your laptop.

Here’s a brief online video overview of DisplayNote Broadcast from a teacher’s perspective and from a student’s point of view.

Apple Classroom

If your classroom is filled with Mac and iOS products, Apple Classroom can make it quick to get anyone on the webpage. In principle it functions effectively. In my expertise, it can be a bit glitchy. When it functions perfectly, it presents an easy way to make positive that all of the students in the room are wanting at whichever you have shared with them and or make certain they’re being on endeavor.

If you have iPads in your classroom and you’ve under no circumstances tried using to use Apple Classroom, this online video shows you how to use it on a Mac and this video clip shows you how to operate it from an iPad.

ClassPoint and Mentimeter

ClassPoint and Mentimeter are instruments that you can use for totally free to have your students comply with your slides on their personal computers, tablets, or telephones. Sadly, while they’re excellent for sharing slides they only get the job done with slides. In both circumstances you commence your slideshow presentation and then a code is generated for learners to enter to see the slides on their equipment. A demo of ClassPoint can be seen in this article. A demo of Mentimeter is out there to check out here.

50 Concepts for Short Workshops

 50 Tech Tuesday Tips is a good put to obtain tips for shorter team progress workshops. And if you don&#8217t want to operate the workshop, I&#8217ll do it for you! Acquire 10 or much more copies of my Book and I&#8217ll host a 60 moment webinar for your team for totally free.


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