June 18, 2024


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Three Observations About Quality School District Websites


This morning I used a few of hrs seeking at the sites of fairly large university districts. These are my thoughts and observations immediately after viewing them from the standpoint of a father or mother.

Make It Clear!
The excellent sites make it apparent for mom and dad to come across current and suitable information.

You should not make moms and dads dig by a assortment of vaguely named menus to locate the information they want about your school. I looked at a person district’s web page this early morning to check out to uncover the school calendar for up coming fall. There was not a single tab or menu anyplace on the homepage labeled “calendar” or “schedule.” The school calendar was only located if you clicked on a tab labeled “menu” then scrolled down to the fourth sub-menu that was labeled “calendars.” Information and facts about the school board members, human sources facts for team, and an outdated 2015-2020 strategic approach have been all outlined bigger than the school yr calendar. 

What does it say about your district when parents have to dig by vaguely named menus to discover out simple details about their child’s college day?

Social Media Isn’t a Substitution for a Excellent Website

Publishing on social media is not a alternative for acquiring a perfectly-developed and routinely up-to-date college/ school district web-site.

Some of the much better web pages I seemed at integrated embedded streams of district/ university social media postings. They do that since they identify that not each individual father or mother or college student utilizes social media. Additionally, when you count on social media you’re hoping that mother and father and learners will comply with your accounts. And even if they do adhere to your accounts you then have to hope that your postings will stand-out from all of the other updates that parents and students see from the other accounts they abide by.

Who is working the internet site?
The superior web sites that I seemed at this morning were being from school districts that have someone on staff members whose task title provided communications director or community relations. The negative kinds appeared to be run as nearly an afterthought or reduced precedence activity of the IT department.


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