July 16, 2024


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Thank Your School Librarians! And Ask Them for Help!


While looking at the Kikori SEL calendar I discovered that right now is Nationwide University Librarian Day! Many of you who read this web site are university librarians, thank you! Thank you for the work that you do in schools to help pupils (and staff members) come to be much better researchers, find out new and remarkable guides, and normally just currently being wonderful! 

Talk to Your University Librarian!

“Request your university librarian” is 1 of the points that I say at the start of any presentation that I give or program that I educate about research techniques. Why? For the reason that your college librarian is an expert on lookup techniques. Moreover, your school librarian can give you and your pupils obtain to numerous subscription-dependent databases that your learners would otherwise not know about and or would steer clear of because they didn’t know how to access all those databases. 

Go to a Library Meeting

For individuals of you who are not librarians, here’s some thing you really should know. I’ve experienced the pleasure to speak at lots of library conferences more than the last 10 years. Devoid of exception they are usually excellent and entertaining learning encounters. If you get a chance to go to library convention, consider it. You will discover one thing that can utilize to any classroom. Personally, I was thrilled to find out that the CASL-CECA conference is returning this slide (many thanks to Emil for that news). 


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