March 5, 2024


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Tensions – We Got ‘Em! (We Just Don’t Talk About It) – Eduwonk

Tensions – We Got ‘Em! (We Just Don’t Talk About It) – Eduwonk

A long time back Rick Hess and I wrote an write-up for PDK about the inherent stress in wherever to concentrate university enhancement efforts. Rick takes a utilitarian placement that concentrating on large achievers is vital to American competitiveness. I assume from a societal standpoint and competitiveness gaps and inequity are the place to emphasis. Thing is, Rick is not indifferent to gaps and I treatment about higher acquiring learners and supporting their understanding – and have no dilemma with factors in accountability methods to incentivize that. (The US News Higher Faculty Rankings deal with each gaps and innovative training course using).

The point of the post was that there are tensions there we have to go over and think about. We wrote it alongside one another exactly simply because we did not agree but required to see the issues reviewed for the reason that that potential customers to development and new strategies. Policy just cannot be “and a pony” on every thing no issue how significantly advocates may perhaps declare or want it so. There are tensions and tradeoffs, constantly. That nuance will get dropped, of study course, in the bullshit that passes for discussion and advocacy in our sector. We have to be capable to chat about textured points with out them getting to be weaponized.

Which is all by way of stating this Jessica Levin essay is well worth your time. Jessica is a extended time and sharp observer of and participant in the sector. In this new essay in Ed Article she asks several significant inquiries about unintended outcomes of the gap closing work. That is some thing we should chat about much more and in which fair persons can disagree on coverage in great faith. Jessica writes,

It is easy to understand that elevating fears about how our faculties at present are balancing equity and excellence would provoke potent responses amid these for whom closing accomplishment gaps to advance equity is the paramount objective. No question, their circumstance is bolstered by our country’s egregious record and existing reality: racism and segregation, gaping academic resource inequalities, and widening financial inequalities.

But it’s challenging to believe that in the lengthy term, silence on this challenge is the route to creating a balanced, perfectly-operating general public schooling technique that advancements option for all. 

It is the sort of essay that warrants looking at and dialogue.

Eventually, on this challenge of tensions. Last week I experienced the privilege of paying 30 minutes discussing the equity and innovation tension with Chris Rush and Denise Forte as component of an party New Classrooms (BW consumer) set with each other. There are tradeoffs about unleashing innovation and kids slipping to the cracks, we examine how to feel about them.

You know what is not tense? Bob Weir and the Nationwide Symphony. Take care of your ears: