June 16, 2024


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Resourceaholic: Angles in Polygons CPD

Resourceaholic: Angles in Polygons CPD

Loughborough University Mathematics Education Network (LUMEM) offers free access to online CPD videos for maths teachers. I’ve recently produced another video for their collection. It’s from my Topics in Depth series, and it’s all about angles in polygons.

This CPD takes a detailed look at the Key Stage 3 topic ‘angles in polygons’, examining its place on the national curriculum and how it is assessed at GCSE. My presentation features a range of methods and discusses various pedagogical approaches. I share ideas for how to enrich the teaching of angles in polygons, adding depth and challenge that goes beyond the national curriculum. 

Like all my Topics in Depth CPD, this workshop aims to enhance teachers’ subject knowledge as well as providing teaching ideas and inspiration. You could watch the video directly before you teach the topic, to help you plan really good lessons. 

If your whole department is going to be teaching angles in polygons, you could watch it together and discuss it in a department meeting.

You can download the slides here.

To see more free CPD from this series, view my Topics in Depth page here. And for more CPD from me, visit my YouTube channel

I hope this is helpful.