November 30, 2023


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Lines Start Stories – imaginED


By Holly BF Warren

Lines get started tales that unfold as you phase into ordeals. As you put one foot in front of the other, as you maintain a pen, a paintbrush, a adhere in the sand, a thread of ideas that sew an plan to one more, a movement or a drift of silence that composes a melody.

Lines open new chapters that commence with leaving.  We just carry the essentials and dip into a new narrative that starts off with the contact of the line on a area. Leaving a considered drop from our creativeness, coming up with dots that are the steppingstone of the journey.

Phrases commence their journey by leaving our intellect and are led by our arms that hold encounters and emotion in the grip of life. Proper hand, left hand, backhand, shorthand or keyboard as existence faucets its rhythm we consider notes that shift sensuously touching our extremely core. They are the keynotes, latchkeys, guides, translations, and openers. As steady marks they lead, enthral, captivate, and coach us to transfer or to stand even now. The stillness of meditation, the ponder of musings, the attractiveness of questioning. The movement of link, the exploration of the unknown via our library of expertise and knowing as a result of inquiries that are like walking stick supporting our future methods.

Lines do not have endpoints and are infinite. We maintain onto a thread that results in being our line and then interweave it with another, at the time, 2 times and a lot of moments more than. We seize and help save these amazing threaded strains in our intellect, that as it is restless will discover methods out and run together internet pages and web pages building guides, albums, manuscripts, sketchbooks, and artwork. Narratives as blankets, pillows, scarves, dresses, ritual robes of our turning into.

Lines have many homes parallel aside permanently, intersecting joined at a stage, coincidence traces that share numerous prevalent points, transversal lines intersecting two or far more lines. Paths, programs, routes, passages. They make ambages, methods, ceremonies, designs, seems, beats, orbits, and circuits. They are the offer chain of a lot of cultures possibly published, drawn, sewn or imaginary. The footprints of our passage.

A painted line operates in the head of the thinker and invitations the seers to equilibrium their thoughts on it. A person phase at a time, just one imagined at a time, knit and thread the experience into a particular narrative. Visual traces welcome you to be part of them to start out an imaginative journey that could possibly resonate with you. Like a paintbrush that operates throughout an empty house of the intellect nudged by the uniqueness of the artist and the observer

The written line expresses the person’s interaction with mark making. The continual line shakes, flows, jumps and draws exclusive thought patterns. No two persons have the specific exact same handwriting. Like fingerprints they only belong to us. In accordance to The Pen Corporation (2022) there are 7 elements that affect crafting they are: age, mood, time expended creating, instrument utilized, well being and thought styles.

We could style imaginative traces that thread, link, weave, knit, sew, paint, sing the wonders of recognizing with not understanding, with questioning and acquiring solutions.

According to Kristin Farr (Farr, 2022) strains in artwork can be thick, thin, horizontal, vertical, zigzag, diagonal, curly, curved, spiral, dotted. I would incorporate jagged, intermittent, flowing, and squiggly. They are not just openers but construct the entire human body of the narrative that slides, swims, jumps, and dances together the contours of the artwork. Here there are stories within just tales. Narratives that welcome you to go beyond and visible. Keep imagination’s hand and be guided, it will know the place to guide you.

Traces open tales as they unravel life’s chapters. They photograph moments, occasions, studies, journeys, discoveries, imaginative wanderings, and celebrations. They turn out to be sentences, paragraphs, webpages, motion pictures, and canvases. Lines keep an eye on our heartbeat as daily life breaths into us. They are the strings of our life’s melody.

The traces we compose are infinite. We have them around in our minds, on our shoulders and throughout time in the hope to leave a mark of our presence and contribution in celebrating the miracles of who we are.

As academics/educators/facilitators/academics/moms and dads/good friends/persons we might structure imaginative traces that thread, hook up, weave, knit, stitch, paint, sing the miracles of being aware of with not knowing, with questioning and locating responses. Lines sew curiosity and creativity with a person one more developing bonds of understanding and bundles of joy at recognizing we are not alone.

Might we encourage our college students to discover their lines. Unique, attractive and lively.


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