December 1, 2023


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Is Oxford Ruining British Politics?


Simon Kuper has a different, great ebook out, known as ‘Chums’ which points out how Oxford, and exclusively its debating society the Oxford Union (as perfectly as some associated clubs like the Oxford Conservative Association) have made an eco-technique that has funneled its users into a close to monopoly of political electricity in the Uk, and most dangerously of all has provided the protagonists of Brexit.

Aspect of Kuper’s argument is that the Oxford Union – a extremely superior amount of whose presidents (e.g .Johnson, Gove, Hague) have long gone on to senior political roles – is a kindergarten for Westminster politics.


I picked up a copy of the e book on Thursday.

What manufactured this obtain intriguing was that I acquired the reserve in Oxford, on my way to communicate at the Union, but extra about that later.

An fascinating and essential topic that emerges is the labour current market for politicians and the impression of this on selection making. When you see the manner in which the Oxford Union debating chamber resembles the established up at Westminster and certainly the way in which the Union developing, like Westminster, provides bars, libraries and assembly rooms that could foster conspiratorial conduct, it is no shock that budding politicians are drawn to it as a forming floor, and in flip that the networks created there have these kinds of an affect at Westminster.

In other international locations, aspiring leaders comply with channels also – notably Harvard, Georgetown and Yale Legislation in the US, and ENA (École Nationale d’Administration) in France. In a lot of other nations – the US, Asia, Greece, Eire and Spain for instance, households variety the teaching ground for young politicians and seats are frequently passed by means of generations (a substantially a lot less egalitarian solution).

The outsized role that the Union performs in British politics betrays the truth that not like other vital professions these kinds of as the armed forces, the Church and medication there is no instruction for politicians – at minimum in the Uk. France as mentioned has ENA which turns out well fashioned technocrats, and in the US the fluidity with which folks can move from professions (legislation, Wall St, community assistance, the army) into politics signifies that elected reps appear to politics with a very good diploma of working experience.

The tendency then is for the stereotyped Oxford educated politician to favour type (wit, talking potential) about interest to detail, an tactic that was apparent by means of and beyond Brexit (although Olly Robbins the UK’s first negotiator was also an Oxford graduate).


One remedy then would be a British ENA, and notably in the 1990’s I recall a team of remaining leaning Oxford lecturers (Roger Undy the labour economist for example) arranging programs in alter administration for the customers of the potential Blair cupboard, and to an extent the Blatnavik Faculty at Oxford does this now.

The thought of a school for politicians, at the very least in England, seems fanciful simply because the ethic of British politics is that coverage is ideal remaining to civil servants and parliament is for leisure. The flaw in this argument is that the civil service – from the Treasury to the Foreign Business office – has been progressively operate down, denuded and bullied by politicians (Priti Patel and these days Jacob Rees Mogg). This creates a policy, suggestions and implementation wasteland.

The greater part of college graduates who could possibly have been attracted to the Treasury or Foreign Office see this, and as an alternative opt to operate in industry and this, instead than the lying and braying of the present-day Tory elite, is the true emerging structural flaw in the British procedure.

Imran Khan

Back to the Union. When I was a college student at Oxford the Union was not rather my scene, nevertheless I bear in mind viewing some unforgettable speakers there, like Lech Walesa and Imran Khan.

This time, I was astonished at how young the pupils looked (its really that I am considerably older), and assume that they are a a lot much more assorted, balanced and practical group than the Union Committees of the 1980’s, but possibly less entertaining at the very same time.

I relished my evening at the Union, though disappointingly for somebody who cares about the hazards of ‘the close of globalisation’, our argument (Colin Yeo, Paul Donovan and myself) that ‘this Household would abolish borders’ was rejected by the Union membership.

As a cheeky close to my tale of the Union, if you want an different, ribald perspective on what daily life at an Oxbridge college really should be modelled on, then have a seem at the tv set series centered on Tom Sharpe’s excellent ‘Porterhouse Blue’.


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