June 19, 2024


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External change leading to internal change (If you leverage it). – George Couros

External change leading to internal change (If you leverage it). – George Couros

As you all know, I have moved recently to a new location.

When I think about it, there are ultimately two reasons why I moved; external and internal.

I wanted a change of scenery. I was so used to where I was that I felt I was just moving along and doing what I did. I have to admit that I am loving wearing shorts in the winter months and going for walks daily with the dogs without putting on 14 layers of clothing. 

But I also wanted a change of my own internal perception and routines. When I first moved, I struggled to get into my groove because my routine where I once lived was thrown off.

Then I realized that I moved because I wanted to change my routine, not only to be in a different place reliving the same patterns.

I wanted to be outside more.

I wanted to be around my family more.

I wanted to be around my dogs more.

I wanted to create new professional opportunities.

And I also wanted some more quiet to just read and think to myself.

But I also wanted some things to stay the same. To keep with my healthy eating routines, take time daily to reflect and still have a fire inside for the work that I have done in the past.

And I struggled because I had the latter down in the place where I was already living.

But if you lift weights, one of the things that you realize is that if you don’t change your routines, you will stagnate in your growth.  Your muscles need the “shock” of a new routine to develop.

Could I have achieved those things in the place that I was living? Yes.

But I needed the shock, and I realize that my family needed the same.

I went for a walk with just Kallea and me one morning (which we had never done living in Canada), and I asked her if there was anything she missed about living in Edmonton, and she abruptly said, “No.” 

My biggest concern was that she would struggle with the move and get “homesick” for where we used to live. She definitely misses her friends, but when you live by Disney, we noticed that our family and friends have visited us more in the past few months than they have the past few years!  It has been nice.

So then I asked why she didn’t think that she missed anything at home, and she said, “Because I get more time with you.”

Ditto, kid.

Am I spending more time with my family? Yes. 

I have way less travel time, and that is making a significant difference. In fact, I am writing this on a direct flight that is about 2.5 hours which would have been a 10-12 hour day minimum prior.

But more importantly, I am spending better time with my family.  

Do you want to get better at something? You have to do it more. 

This is true with not only your passion but your relationships. Time is the most important currency, and like money, the more you are willing to invest, the more your investment will grow.

Have I stumbled in some of my past routines? Yes.

But I will figure those things out.

I also know what I am not willing to give up.

The change of scenery isn’t just about I see our new location but is how I see myself and what I am capable of doing.

Different doesn’t always lead to better. Starting a new job, a new relationship, or changing location doesn’t mean much unless you leverage the opportunity.