June 16, 2024


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Exciting New Changes to The TLAC Leadership Team

Exciting New Changes to The TLAC Leadership Team

From left: Williams, Woolway, Driggs, Richard, Lewis


We’re happy to share some exciting news about changes to the Teach Like a Champion leadership team. As many of you know we’ve transitioned to be independent of Uncommon Schools. This is a move that’s designed to give us more operating flexibility so we can emphasize our external facing work and make the greatest possible positive change in schools.

As part of this move, Darryl Williams, who has been co-Managing Director alongside Doug Lemov, will now step into the role of CEO.  As those of you who’ve worked with Darryl know, his wisdom and insight about both teaching and the complex work of running great schools is second to none. We’re excited and honored that he will take up the senior executive leadership role in the organization.

Erica Woolway, who has been Chief Academic officer and who has played a key role in building and executing on every significant TLAC initiative, from workshops to our curriculum design, will also receive a significant promotion, now adding President to her title. As you know if you’ve worked with Erica, her gift for ensuring that our work is the highest possible quality will maximize the impact of our work at a critical time for schools and educators.

With the promotions for Darryl and Erica, Doug Lemov will shift his role, taking title of Founder and Chief Knowledge Officer. This change will allow him to focus more directly on the writing and content development work that he loves. He’ll continue to work side-by-side with Darryl, Erica and the rest of the team to bring the highest quality professional development and curriculum tools to teachers.

And speaking of the team, we are also excited to announce that Hilary Lewis and Colleen Driggs will be joining our senior leadership team. As leaders of our Consulting and Partnership and Reading Reconsidered Teams respectively, their perspective, leadership, and input will continue to be invaluable as we grow our work and deepen our impact. We’re excited to welcome Hilary and Colleen to work alongside Darryl, Erica, Doug, and our Chief Video Officer, Rob Richard as we continue on our exciting path forward.

The Teach Like a Champion team takes pride in offering the best training and materials available for teachers and schools, and we think this redesign, which will give our senior executives clearer roles and more distinctive areas of focus, will allow us to continue to do so for the foreseeable future.