June 19, 2024


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Building Science into Early Childhood Education with Dr. Tzipor Ulman

Building Science into Early Childhood Education with Dr. Tzipor Ulman

Tzipor Ulman, PhD, is the founder and CEO of Science is Elementary. Under Tzipor’s leadership, Science is Elementary (SiE) grew from an idea to a multi-faceted organization with international scope, reaching more than 50,000 children, their teachers, and their families this year. She joins Mike Palmer in a conversation about building strong foundations in science into our educational system, particularly for populations that have been underserved and underrepresented.

After hearing her origin story, we learn what she’s been up to lately. During the COVID19 pandemic, Tzipor ideated SiE Books – a unique series that fills a massive gap in children’s education: wordless stories, featuring children of color who behave as scientists, coupled with step-by-step illustrations for doing science experiments that are easy enough for five-year-olds to do on their own, and with a family engagement component. In a wide-ranging conversation about the foundational importance of science education, we touch on the importance of playfulness, curiosity, representation, and grit. We also explore Tzipor’s thoughts on the future of work and the importance of scientific principles in developing good citizens and countering polarization. It’s a thought-provoking dive into science education that you don’t want to miss!

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