June 16, 2024


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An argument for opening high school math pathways that could be more relevant to students


I took calculus as a higher college senior. It was the top destination on the innovative math monitor. Only 20 or so learners at the significant Catholic all-women university I attended in Chicago ended up in the class. Back again then, there was a 4-yr sequence: algebra, geometry, trigonometry, then calculus. It was an tutorial badge of honor. By the spring of 12th grade, I experienced been recognized to the two selective colleges the place I utilized — one community and a person private. 

That was a while back and much has improved due to the fact then. Nonetheless calculus continues to enjoy a singular standing in higher college state-of-the-art math. And, according to a new report I co-authored for Just Equations, the gains of that elevated standing are starkly apparent: Based on information from surveys and interviews, “A New Calculus for University Admissions” reveals how deep-seated tastes for calculus weigh intensely in selections about who will get admitted to school.

But does it make sense for calculus to have these an influential role in college admission when so several college majors actually require the training course? There are other methods for large university learners to acquire the quantitative reasoning techniques that will get ready them for the rigors of university and the workplace.


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