July 18, 2024


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A Principal’s Reflections: The Ever-Evolving Leadership Lens


Superior leadership is, really frankly, superior management.  The tenants have remained the similar for hundreds of years.  What’s improved is the surroundings in which a single sales opportunities, and this impacts the lens that is, or should be, employed to push alter.  Utilizing properly-known and analysis-primarily based strategies in a present context is a hallmark of influential leaders.  I am of the opinion that being in a position to adapt in a way that final results in advancement across many dynamics is what it is all about. What’s the level of becoming in a placement of influence and obligation if anything possibly stays the same or regresses?  In a disruptive globe, our lens will have to evolve.

During my time as a principal, disruption in the type of Twitter and a university student telling me college was like a jail served me embrace a improved lens.  These situations served as catalysts for hard the standing quo and doing work to usher in additional modern techniques that have been a lot more aligned with preparing our learners for present-day and foreseeable future accomplishment.  For the duration of this time, I formulated the Pillars of Electronic Leadership and later authored the e-book close to concepts that I uncovered pivotal to the adjust process primary to transformation.  

Even though I nevertheless firmly consider in their value, I have embraced a additional nuanced lens that gives more clarity and relevance.  In education and learning, successful leaders use attempted and true approaches with a lens that focuses on the next:

  • Learner Results (strengthen)
  • Personalized Culture (create)
  • Skilled Mastering (present)
  • Multi-faceted conversation (engage)
  • Storytelling (embrace)
  • Relationships (build)
  • Building opportunities (prioritize)

Allow me try to sum this all up in a concise trend.

A pedagogical concentrate grounded in investigation and proof is important to bettering outcomes for youngsters equally with and without technological know-how.  

Transitioning from a traditional to a additional personalised culture emphasizes fairness whilst offering learning areas that are extra reflective of the actual world.  

For expansion to be the standard, ongoing and position-embedded experienced studying is necessary as opposed to drive-by occasions and one-off PD times.  

Stakeholders are immersed in electronic spaces.  As this kind of, leaders should meet them the place they are and engage in two-way communications that nonetheless leverage non-tech strategies.

The very best way to manage the narrative and tap into the power of feelings is via a storyteller-in-main mentality.  

Interactions are anything.  By creating a constructive manufacturer existence, leaders can develop this priceless forex that will pay dividends time and time all over again.

Pay it forward. College students and team prosper when leaders get the job done to make unique prospects to succeed. 

Truth of the matter be explained to, there isn’t just a person right way when it comes to leadership.  If innovation is the goal, it is essential to watch alter from many perspectives.  As items consistently improve, be open to permitting your lens to evolve, and in time you will increase your impact.  


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