June 18, 2024


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What is Mood Meter and How to Use It to Boost Kids Emotional Intelligence?


Temper Meter is a software from Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence that allows students (and every person else) increase their psychological intelligence (EQ) by way of developing  self-awareness and self-reflection capabilities. Mood Meter will help pupils develop the skill to understand their internal inner thoughts, recognize nuances of thoughts, and produce a abundant emotional vocabulary.

Mood Meter

Teachers and parents can use the app to have interaction young ones in conversations about their inner thoughts inquiring them issues like How do you sense at the second? Why are you emotion this why? What are the outcomes of your thoughts on you and the men and women about you? What are you likely to do about your inner thoughts?… These are all thoughts that can assist kids  deeply have interaction in a approach of self-reflection and self-assessment, procedures that are at the main of social and emotional discovering.

How does  Temper Meter function?

Temper Meter is divided along two axes: a single for energy and the other for pleasantness. There are 4 color-coded quadrants or zones every of which is related with a specific established of inner thoughts and feelings. The yellow zone is related with feeling pleasant and energetic and involves feelings ranging from pleased to ecstatic. The blue zone is linked with lower strength and very low pleasantness and involves emotions ranging from apathetic to experience hopeless. 

The crimson zone is linked with superior vitality and reduced pleasantness and includes feelings ranging from feeling aggravated to feeling enraged. The gree zone is connected with lower strength and significant pleasantness and consists of feelings ranging from experience at simplicity to sensation serene. View this video to learn extra about Mood Meter’s shade-coded chart. 

Learners plot their emotions into 1 of the quadrants. They simply just faucet the correct coloration quadrant and pick out the emotion phrase connected with the plot. Up coming, Mood Meter prompts students to mirror and kind in couple of words and phrases on why they are emotion that way. Plotted thoughts are saved so that pupils can maintain monitor of their mood improve about time. 

Mood Meter

Up coming, pupils are presented with methods to help with the regulation of their inner thoughts. These include things like quotes, recommendations, and images. These strategies are designed to enable them transition from one particular psychological point out to the other. Students can also customise their emotional practical experience by incorporating their possess offers and illustrations or photos. At last, college students can use Temper Meter reviews to investigate how they were experience at presented periods. 

The great importance of Mood Meter in studying

Mood Meter will help learners come to be knowledgeable of their personal emotions as properly as those people of their peers so promoting emotions of empathy and knowledge. Moreover, the potential to identify interior inner thoughts can support learners turn out to be far more powerful in regulating their emotions and in earning far better selections, all of which are essential to a healthy and properly-well balanced emotional properly- staying.   

Lecturers can use Mood Meter to build students psychological intelligence and aware thinking. In accordance to Inclusive Schooling, each of the quadrants in Mood Meter’s shade-coded chart is involved with a distinct set of thinking and finding out processes. 

The yellow quadrant is involved with thoughts that boost resourceful thinking, team functions, and trouble fixing. Students in the crimson quadrant are much more probably to practical experience feelings that heighten consciousness and competitivity. College students in the blue quadrant expertise emotions that endorse deductive reasoning, vital thinking, and empathy. College students in the inexperienced quadrant are probable to encounter thoughts that improve self-reflection and consensus constructing.

Instructors can use facts from Mood Meter to assist differentiate instruction and to design teaching methods that satisfy the needs of pupils from all four quadrants.

Mood Meter

How a great deal does Temper Meter price tag?

Temper Meter is accessible as Android and iOS application. As of writing these lines, Mood Meter’ s price in Apple Application Store is $.99.


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