February 24, 2024


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Toasting Rubicon’s 2022 Service Awards Winners

Toasting Rubicon’s 2022 Service Awards Winners

On Monday, September 26, 2022, we hosted our annual Company Awards in which we rejoice Rubicon® group users who have been with the company for 5, ten, fifteen, and 20 a long time. It was an remarkable working day and we had so lots of of our colleagues to congratulate for their accomplishments.

Rubicon’s mission is to conclusion waste, and just about every and every single 1 of our teammates who received an award yesterday lives this mission. We have been thrilled to be able to rejoice them on this very distinctive day.

The Honorees

Twenty Yrs

Fifteen A long time

10 Years

  • Danna Bradley
  • Nancy DiMaiolo
  • Elisabeth Gaillard
  • Michelle Guarino
  • Amy Hamilton
  • Michele La Mattina
  • Deann Malon
  • Elisa Masino
  • Aliena Ouraikat
  • Jordan Pilsch
  • Chris Watts
  • Jessica Zarzana

Five Decades

  • Lydia Archer
  • Patricia Barriteau
  • Christy Batey
  • Donovan Bennett
  • Lauren Billingsley
  • John Blair
  • Jatin Chauhan
  • Nick Fragale
  • Walida Halliburton
  • Fred Harris
  • Emily Jones
  • Jason Jones
  • Amy Koonin Taylor
  • Charles Luca
  • Kevin Malinowski
  • Ryan McKenzie
  • Damla Meral
  • Chad Morice
  • Jessica Murphy
  • Erin O’Keefe
  • Manisha Poulard
  • Donna Regenye
  • Conor Riffle
  • Jared Roberts
  • Carlos Rojas
  • Andrea Terrell-Ayeni
  • Zaqia Walton
  • Jason Washington
  • Chris Waters
  • Arleshea Wright

Be sure to be a part of me in celebrating each of the higher than people for their ongoing perseverance to Rubicon, and to our mission to conclusion squander.

Stacie Moore is Vice President of Human Assets at Rubicon. To stay in advance of Rubicon’s bulletins of new partnerships and collaborations all over the earth, be positive to comply with us on LinkedIn, Fb, and Twitter, or get hold of us nowadays.