June 18, 2024


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Screenshots of three different levels of teacher friendship from TikTok creator Mr. Pena

TikTok Teacher Explains the Hilarious Levels of Teacher Friendship

With so much of the teacher universe looking understandably dismal right now, there’s never been a better time for a hilarious TikTok pick-me-up on the different levels of teacher friendships.

Enter @themr.pena, a sixth grade reading teacher in Houston who has absolutely nailed the progression of teacher friendships based on where you sit or stand to chat when you enter the room.

Level 1: Door Talks

Level 1 is kind of “I hope I’m not bothering you”—good for in-service workday chats and when you’re still getting to know someone.

Screenshot of Level 1 in levels of teacher friendship

Level 2: Standing in Room

In Level 2, you’ve made the move to standing in the room. The vibes aren’t quite there for sitting just yet, but you’ve definitely graduated from the doorway.

Screenshot of Level 2 in levels of teacher friendship

Level 3: Sitting in Student Desk

When you find yourself crashing in a student desk and saying, “Oh, listen to THIS,” you know you’ve made it to Level 3.

Screenshot of Level 3 in levels of teacher friendship

Levels 4 and 5:

Want to see Levels 4 and 5? Check out the full TikTok below.


Tag your teacher besties and see what level y’all are at 😂 #teachertok #teacherlife #teachersbelike #teacherbesties

♬ You Got A Friend In Me (From “Toy Story”) – Just Kids


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