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Teachers Are Going To LOVE This Exclusive Offer from BookWidgets!


BookWidgets Gift Card Blog Post

It”s the end of the school year and you have already begun looking for that next “new and exciting” thing to bring into your classroom for next year.  Your principal comes to you and say “we have some extra money in the budget … what should we do with it?”

Does this sound familiar?  

  • Perhaps you are looking for an application that allows you to easily create self-graded quizzes in a way that Google Forms can’t.
  • Perhaps you are looking to create an environment where every student has an interactive whiteboard at their fingertips on their devices.
  • Perhaps you are in need of a way to take an image, or map, or other graphic design and update it a bit with interactive features.

The answer to all of these inquiries is pretty simple … BookWidgets!

What is BookWidgets?

BookWidgets offers teachers more than 40 different digital exercise templates ranging from self-graded quizzes to interactive maps to even a dynamic digital whiteboard that is quickly accessible on any mobile device, laptop, or desktop computer.

Over the last few months, I have had the opportunity to get to know the team at BookWidgets and have started using some of their interactive widgets in my presentations and to be honest, it’s pretty awesome and effortless to set up.

What Can You Do With BookWidgets?

Please click on these video tutorials below to learn how easy it is to create an interactive widget and share it with your students through both Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams.

Create an Interactive Rubric

Create an Interactive Hotspot Image Activity

Create an Interactive Quiz using Microsoft Word

Create an Exit Ticket Activity

Create an Interactive Whiteboard for Every Student

What Are Others Saying about BookWidgets?

A great program for busy teachers using 1:1 iPad or Chromebooks that need to quickly put together some engaging and relevant resources for checking student understanding of the concepts being taught. The app has a comprehensive range of facilities to choose from including a quick ‘exit poll’ to highly engaging quiz games. The web-based account also reveals the level of sophistication behind this app with an excellent reporting facility with some useful analytics to track the levels of understanding of each student. – EducationalAppStore.com

BookWidgets is an excellent service for teachers and curriculum developers that allows you to create a ton of different types of interactive content to assign to your students.  It’s easy to share the content you create with students in a variety of formats, and you can also get detailed analytics on student performance.  Overall, BookWidgets is an excellent resource, so let’s take a look! – EdTechRoundUp.org

To create quick interactive activities for your students — with lots of options to choose from — look no further than BookWidgets. You can use BookWidgets in any subject area for quick checks for understanding, games that reinforce key concepts, and to help introduce students to new ideas. – ClassTechTips.com

Get Started with BookWidgets Today!

If you are interested in trying BookWidgets in your classroom next year, I am excited to extend a special TeacherCast offer to try BookWidgets out for 6 months using this code.

BookWidgets Code

This post is sponsored by BookWidgets. All opinions are my own.

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