June 25, 2024


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Study tip #3: Practice remembering things. (Yes, remembering does take practice!)


This website is the 3rd in a three-part series of tested analyze tips based mostly on science.

by Kristen DiCerbo, Khan Academy main learning officer

What do you have to do on a exam? You have to successfully research your memory for details and pull it out. There are plenty of examine strategies (see my initially and next blog posts in this series) that target on obtaining facts into your memory. But we also need to preserve some research time to apply pulling information out of our memory. 

Exploration in this space falls into two categories: retrieval exercise and the screening effect. You know how some teachers give common quizzes on your looking at? The exploration demonstrates that these quizzes aid you study, not just simply because it can make you review additional, but because it allows you follow pulling info from your memory. But, you don’t want a teacher quizzing you to get the added benefits of retrieval practice and the tests influence. You can do it on your possess:

  1. Review: Just after a critique session, shut your ebook, prevent the video clip you are observing, and place absent your other products. 
  2. Test: Create, communicate and document, or attract almost everything you know about the subject. 
  3. Test: Test back with your mastering materials, and see what you acquired proper and what you did not. 
  4. Preserve performing these cycles of assessment, check, and check out!

You can also exercise retrieving info from your memory by earning flashcards. Bear in mind, do not just make flashcards of information but also of tips and connections. For illustration, for a lesson on biology, don’t just make cards for the definitions of mitosis and meiosis. Also, make 1 that asks, “How are mitosis and meiosis the similar and how are they various?”

The strategy below is to do points that force your self to follow remembering. Doing this strengthens the connections involving principles in your brain and helps make them less difficult to remember future time!

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