November 28, 2023


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Study tip #1: Relate what you’re learning to what you already know


This is the very first weblog in a three-part sequence of established analyze suggestions based mostly on science.

by Kristen DiCerbo, Khan Academy main understanding officer

Have you at any time invested a bunch of time studying but nonetheless haven’t finished as effectively as you’d like on the examination? Have you at any time questioned,  “Is there a better way to study?” For most of us, no one particular has ever actually taught us how to examine, but there is a entire ton of instruction investigation about the ideal approaches to master new matters. Sure, there are much better approaches to study!

Persons who are effective in university are frequently persons who check their own learning, use successful mastering strategies, and believe they are able of studying. So what are these approaches? I’ll converse about just one in this article and comply with up with far more all over this sequence.

When we want to learn new matters, we want to come across approaches to change info from our doing work memory (where by we are in a position to maintain details for a small period of time of time) to long-phrase memory, (the place it will be accessible for us at a afterwards time). We do not seriously fully grasp how info is structured in extended-time period memory, but it is clear that reminiscences are related to every single other and memories are prevented from fading (forgetting) when the interactions involving them are strengthened. 

Offered this, one particular point we want to do when we are mastering is to relate the new details to matters we now know. You can consider a network of objects in your extended-expression memory. The new issue you are learning is a new merchandise. If it doesn’t connect to nearly anything else, that new info will be forgotten more rapidly. You want to make connections to items by now in your community.

Here’s just one strategy  you can use to hook up new details to what you by now know. 

Pause immediately after studying or seeing a portion of a online video.

  1. Record the ideas you’re supposed to understand.
  2. Demonstrate each thought to yourself in as much detail as possible — which includes aspects expands the quantity of suggestions you might url this new idea to.
  3. Go again and check out your learning components to see if you acquired nearly anything improper or skipped anything at all.

Relate the new information and facts to other ideas by inquiring, “How is this similar to a little something I now know? How is it various from that detail? Does this relate to an working experience I have had? How?”

Here’s how the pausing method could glance in actual existence. Let us say you’re finding out about medians in stats course. You have currently figured out about suggests.

  1. Record ideas: median
  2. Describe the ideas: The median is 1 way to summarize a team of details. It is the middle of a team of scores. It operates mainly because if you choose the middle range, you know 50 percent the quantities are above it and 50 % are under it. If you are calculating it, you need to have to keep in mind to place the numbers in numerical order to start with. 
  3. Test your notes on median.
  4. Relate the new details to current awareness: Median is very similar to the suggest since each of them are a way to use 1 selection to summarize a bunch of figures. They are distinctive since the suggest or the regular is the number that is the true “center” of all the knowledge details. This is typically a fantastic detail, but it suggests that if there is a single value that is a great deal increased or reduced, it will pull the centre in that path. Rather than the middle of the facts, the median is the quantity at which half the knowledge are earlier mentioned and fifty percent beneath. This signifies it will not be “pulled” strongly by 1 or a couple of extremely superior or really small numbers. On the information the other night, they reported how a lot of several hours the typical scholar played video clip games. If I consider of my pals, most of us perform two to 3 hours a week, but just one of my pals plays 20 several hours a 7 days. If we choose the necessarily mean, her number is likely to make it look like my mates shell out a ton of time participating in video clip video games. If we get the median, it will look additional like the total of time most of us shell out actively playing games. When there are 1 or two quantities truly distinct from the others, the median is a superior evaluate. 

As you can see in this instance, we’ve connected the strategy of a median to information about what it is and how it functions. We’ve also linked it to the idea of necessarily mean and normal, playing video game titles, and good friends. All of that is going to aid us keep in mind it.

Continue on studying my upcoming two web site posts for much more study strategies based on the science of learning.

Study suggestion #2: Use your individual words and images to reinforce what you are discovering. 

Analyze idea #3: Apply remembering issues. (Sure, remembering does take practice!)


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