June 18, 2024


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Old School Essentials series inspired by British mythology and Hammer Horror


Check out the hills and valleys of historical Britain with Albion Tales, a sequence of adventures intended to be utilised with the Aged College Necessities activity procedure.

A trio of a few storylines intended for the OSE tabletop roleplaying video game program, Albion Tales is encouraged by the background and mythology of the Uk, supplying gamers a collection of adventures to enjoy by as part of a finish campaign or independent just one-shots. Introduced by using foldable, riso-printed pages, each of the Albion Tales is established in the identical ‘world’ but choose inspiration from distinctive spots and elements of Britain, with players travelling throughout mysterious islands, by dim castles and throughout sinister mines.

The very first experience is entitled The Glass Isle of Glaslyn and is motivated by Welsh mythology, tough gamers to uncover the insider secrets of a unusual isle off the coastline of the mainland. A hexcrawl journey – indicating that gamers use a hexagonal map to keep track of their travels – The Glass Isle of Glaslyn supposedly contains riches for any explorer courageous more than enough to find them inside of its depths. The fantasy RPG storyline will have gamers crawling by way of dungeons, only to encounter a few of surprises at the conclusion.

Albion Tales Bastard King of Thraxford Castle image

Another adventure featured in the Albion Tales sequence is The Bastard King of Thraxford Castle, a chilling tale of feudal, medieval British heritage. Inspired by Hammer Horror and a variety of old college D&D adventures these kinds of as The Lichway by Albie Fiore, The Bastard King of Thraxford Castle has a map of the town and its dreaded castle, with participant figures encountering several terrifying monsters and ironic techniques.

The last journey incorporated in the Albion Tales is named The God with no Name. Having place in the underground salt mines populated by a modern society of dwarves, the storyline focuses on the horror of a primordial sea creature who is awakened by the fast paced get the job done of the miners. Featuring some mature material and overall body horror that players need to be informed of ahead of starting, The God with no Name consists of a dungeon that the participant characters will have to traverse with warning.

Albion Tales was created and edited by Panayiotis Strains, with the series’ artwork and format accomplished by Aled Lawlor, the two of whom have by now worked together on the publish-Brexit tabletop roleplaying sport Shadow of Mog. Strains and Lawlor also co-launched Leyline Press, the studio responsible for releasing Albion Tales.

The Kickstarter campaign for Albion Tales is stay right until May well 11th, with a pledge of £15 ($18) acquiring backers a physical duplicate of the sequence in September. Alternatively, a PDF variation is readily available for a pledge of £7 ($8).


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