June 22, 2024


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It’s back to school for the Tories | Education


You report that a schools monthly bill will be released on Tuesday in parliament (Queen’s speech: what costs to anticipate, 9 May perhaps). The education secretary suggests the bill is made to “create a college program that performs for each and every little one, guardian and family”. Why, just after 12 yrs of Conservative governing administration, does these kinds of a program not currently exist?
Simon Maddison
Hitchin, Hertfordshire

Re the correspondence about the Each day Mail (Letters, 6 May well), at the time while waiting to fly at Heathrow there was a trolley with cost-free papers. The couple in front of me picked up a Every day Mail in great enjoyment. I intervened and said that I considered there would possibly be loads of toilet paper on the airplane so they needn’t bother taking a person. It wasn’t greeted positively.
Dr Michael Maier

Songwriters Leiber and Stoller ought to have a prize for Poison Ivy’s medical assistance: “You’re gonna want an ocean of calamine lotion” (Letters, 8 Might).
Ian Watson

The Beatles’ Maxwell’s Silver Hammer is made up of a reference to pataphysical science and rhymes it with quizzical.
Janet Fraser
Twickenham, London

Remiss of Mark Lawson not to have included Dennis Waterman’s part in the good television dramatisation of Fay Weldon’s The Existence and Enjoys of a She-Devil (Dennis Waterman: a streetwise normal in three excellent British Television set collection, 8 May).
David Feintuck
Lewes, East Sussex

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