November 28, 2023


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How to Manage Time Effectively for CSE Exam Prep?

Which are the best time management strategies to prepare effectively for  the UPSC examination? - Quora

The most important thing for the smooth sailing of an individual’s life is the management of time. And if we talk about any UPSC aspirant, then who other than them would know the value of time since it can feel like there is so much to study and not enough time for everything for the exam preparation.

Many aspirants of UPSC lack the ability to use time properly, but then time management is the key to success in UPSC CSE. One who is able to make efficient use of time can become a winner.

In this article, we will highlight how to manage time effectively for Civil Services Exam preparation because it is quite important to manage time in all the stages of this exam so as to eliminate all chances of silly errors.

Ways to Manage Time Effectively for CSE Exam Prep 

  1. Personal discipline – All successful candidates swear by this powerful weapon. Discipline is the key to success. It is what we sow that we reap. Imbibing personal discipline can help you do more in less time. But with determination and single-minded devotion to a goal, personal discipline can be inculcated.
  2. Start your day early – If you are not used to waking up early, build that habit with an alarm clock. If you are among those who switch off their alarm clock and go back to sleep, then you might as well forget about that IAS dream because that goal is not for procrastinators. Allot a specific time for all your activities, and do not linger around more for any one activity.
  3. Follow a set routine – Be realistic and design a suitable timetable for yourself before starting off with your UPSC exam study. Have a daily planner as well as a monthly calendar wherein you divide your portions. It appears to many candidates that a strict timetable works the best, but the reality is that it is very difficult to continue with it in the long run. Hence, set a goal and try to manage time in terms of the days, weeks, and months.
  4. Focus on priority tasks – Always try to prioritise things before taking them at hand. The secret to mastering time management is to focus on important things and give minimum time to other tasks. Humans have a natural propensity to get distracted by focusing more on trivial things. Make a list of the most important things you want to do for the day and try your best to accomplish those tasks. Out of those innumerable things you might want to do, deciding the priority can be confusing, but it would not only help you to avoid distractions and provide a sense of accomplishment.
  5. Take a break – Short breaks are necessary in between to rejuvenate. So make sure you have a lot of time for breaks as well in your daily regime. Remember, your breaks have to be really short, say 10 or 15 minutes and should not be extended to half an hour. Being a stickler for time can be the difference between winners and losers.
  6. Stay away from distractions – Keeping away from electronic media helps you avoid wasting time. Mobile phones, television, etc., kill your precious time. Hence, these should be checked only in your free time. Let go of these distractions and focus more on your studies.
  7. Learn when you have to give up – Sticking to a particular topic for long causes boredom and adds to wastage of time. When you are not interested in what you’re reading, nothing will enter your head, and all the time and effort will go to waste. To avoid such instances, it is crucial to know when to give up and choose another topic and look for the pending topics again with the right guidance.

With good time management skills, an ideal UPSC aspirant can cover in half a day what someone else can cover in three days. Check the detailed UPSC Notification before starting your exam preparation. Incorporate the above-given tips while preparing for the UPSC exam. You will surely manage your most precious resource, i.e. time, effectively and optimally, thereby helping you cover the vast syllabus and gain confidence.