June 19, 2024


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Feeling Seen by Students: Redditors Share Sweet Moments


We can all concur that experience seen by our students can make us come to feel fairly excellent. They are extra observant than we assume, and when they explain to us what they’ve noticed about us, it can make perception! It feels superior to know that pupils can relate and know who there’s a lot more to us than just educating.

Below are some of our most loved times Reddit teachers shared about how they’ve felt noticed. We’d enjoy to listen to about your ordeals as well in the opinions!

Learners impersonating their lecturers and it’s location on.

Have you ever felt incredibly seen by your learners? from Instructors

University student: Also do you have a cat?

Me: I have two.

College student: Nods knowingly.megapizzapocalypse

“He had them doing their heat-up just as I would have performed. It was wonderful.” —Good friend-of-the-river

Pupils questioning your manner options, and they’re not erroneous.

“Every English instructor in the university rocks the cardigan glimpse.” —dresmith423

“One of my pupils instructed me that all the teachers on the 8th grade crew costume like the issue we instruct.” —thedoctor2708

Pupils checking in on your emotional health and fitness, and it’s extremely sweet.

“… truly just seemed at me as a man or woman. Built me tear up a ton.” —LadyTanizaki

“It finished with a number of of my students bordering my chair in a team hug.” —cleveroriginalname3

Students recognizing an unfair predicament and telling you about it.

“I actually have never ever been so happy to be wearing a mask since I was NOT controlling my face in that minute.” —TheBardsBabe

“On the inside I was just like so happy they get it.” —megapizzapocalypse

Pupils figuring out when to aid you out simply because they seriously do care.

“… without having a term just ongoing to examine the relaxation of the poem for the course while I dried my eyes.” —ApplePieBed99

“One of my boys took to quietly selecting [my badge] up and handing it to me as we had been likely out the doorway.” —hazelbee

Ok, now we want to listen to from you. When have you felt witnessed by your students? Make sure you share in the remarks!

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