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Don’t penalise young Hongkongers who want to study in their new home, the UK


31 May 2022

Daniel Korski and Sunder Katwala

The new visa route that the government opened for Hongkongers with British National (Abroad) (BN(O)) standing was a single of the initially proactive migration decisions of post-Brexit Britain. Some 100,000 individuals have now secured the visa in the very first year of the scheme, producing it reasonable to think that various hundred thousand Hongkongers will arrive and contribute to our society about the next several yrs. The government’s very own prediction is 350,000.

This would make the BN(O) visa scheme one particular of the greatest organised migrations into the Uk in record, 2nd only to the 700,000 jap Europeans who came to the Uk just after 2004 when borders throughout Europe opened up.

So it is absolutely crucial that the scheme also arrives with the most professional-energetic integration scheme we have observed to day. We will have to deal with this newest wave of migration properly, both of those for individuals coming to Britain and for the communities that they join. The politics of immigration are presently benign but as inflation bites and a recession looms, matters can alter immediately. It is vital that the welcomers and the welcomed appear alongside one another and a sturdy feeling of link is designed.

Training has been one particular of the most critical priorities for Hongkongers. Many mom and dad are eager to see their children educated in a democratic modern society. The standing of local faculties has been a important variable in their option of in which to dwell and settle and phrase of mouth has led them to Sutton in south-west London, Trafford and Warrington in the north-west and Nottingham in the Midlands.

Nonetheless, some younger men and women coming to Britain deal with an impediment to academic chance owing to the complicated latest rules on college position.

Individuals who arrive on BN(O) visas will only have long-lasting and settled status in the Uk as soon as listed here for 5 years. This suggests that youthful men and women who arrive to Britain underneath the scheme would be expected to pay back international charges instead than residence expenses when they go to college.

It is counter-intuitive that a 15-year-old, who usually takes their GCSEs and A-amounts at a British faculty, would not then be handled as a property pupil alongside their classmates when they use to college in two or 3 many years – and all the more so considering the fact that their 11-year-outdated sibling would have acquired ‘home student’ standing when at that stage of their career.

The repercussions of this are a critical impediment to college education and learning. Not only do these youthful persons experience a lot greater international student expenses – up to £22,831 more per calendar year ­– they are also ineligible for student loans underneath the current regulations.


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