June 16, 2024


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Choice, Fun, and Games Abound in Our Newest Tech Course


7.26 BlogQuiz: Who is our new Choose Your Own EdTech Adventure course designed for?

A. New tech users seeking guidance on how to learn and use technology in the classroom.

B. Teachers confident in edtech, eager to explore and master the latest innovative tools.

C. Technology leaders, decision-makers, and those responsible for coaching teachers in edtech implementation.

D. The teacher who just learned about an exciting new technology, but doesn’t have time to check it out because they need to take courses for license renewal.

E. All of the above. 

The correct answer is E–all of the above. How you may ask, can one course address teachers’ goals at such different stages in their edtech learning? By incorporating choice, interaction, personalization, and gamified elements throughout! This adventure is much more than an independent study: you’ll be guided in selecting the tech tool that meets your needs, exploring how to use the tool and share it with others, and planning for effective implementation. By the end of the course, you’ll achieve “Whiz” status by mastering a new-to-you tech tool!

Check out the slides below to learn more!

As you complete each module, you’ll receive personalized feedback, tips, and ideas from a course evaluator who supports teachers as a technology implementation specialist in their full-time role. Explore course 5301: Choose Your Own EdTech Adventure today, and level up your technology integration skills while earning graduate credit!

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Choose Your Own EdTech Adventure

Course 5301 | 3-Credits | Gr. PK-12+


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