June 19, 2024


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Campus parking problems common yet not universal (infographic)

Campus parking problems common yet not universal (infographic)

While individual campuses and situations play a role in intensity of the problem, parking issues are a nearly universal frustration for students and others on campus. And it certainly doesn’t help that a popular best practice in creating walkable corridors involves placing parking at the edges of campus.

Common parking complaints include inconvenient parking and a lack of enough parking, plus having to pay for it, particularly if lots and garages feel unsafe or are poorly maintained.

As a respondent to a recent Student Voice survey on facilities, a student at a private university in Idaho, noted, “The parking on campus is my least favorite thing about going to school. I avoid going to campus to study because of this.”

“The larger the campus, the more challenges we have in terms of convenience of parking,” says Joel Frater, dean of students at Rochester General College of Health Careers and a member of the council of the Society for College and University Planning. However, he explains, it’s not always a facilities issue in need of a fix. “With sprawling campuses, most have a walking problem and not a parking problem.”

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The Student Voice survey of 2,000 students, conducted in mid-October by Inside Higher Ed and College Pulse and presented by Kaplan, reveals not just what students see as issues but also some instances where factors such as perceptions of safety and aesthetics are correlated with how students view adequacy and convenience of parking.

Scroll down to view an infographic on common campus parking complaints and factors that influence satisfaction or dissatisfaction.