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Beautiful Biltmore

Beautiful Biltmore

Well, hello! I’m so happy you’re here!

I don’t usually post about travel or vacation stuff here without having it related to an Ed Tech or Library conference or educational stuff, but this travel experience to the Biltmore Estate was so magical, beautiful, significant, and transcendent and I wrote such a LONG Trip Advisor review, I felt like I had to share it with ya’ll!

I won’t be mad if you choose to skip reading this post if you’re only here for
the education related stuffs ….because it’s kinda long and it’s kinda
detailed! Shocker.

And no..no..The Biltmore Estate did
NOT sponsor or pay for this post –though, I wouldn’t mind a little swag
when I go back (in April! LOL) What can I say? I was inspired and when I
feel thusly, I write it down.

Also, this might seem weird to you, that as a grownup, I really like to travel with my Mom & Dad. I have friends and I love them dearly, but I love my parents more. They’re fun to be with!  Also, they’re getting older (and so am I) and I want to cherish and create as many fun memories with them as I can whilst we’re still able, spunky, and spry! One of my friends (well, acquaintance really) said it was weird and strange that I liked to spend time with my folks. But then again, she doesn’t talk much to her parents anymore…so that’s maybe why. Bless her heart.

Also, I’m going to post this after we get back, for safety’s sake! Trixy people.

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World Class Luxury in a Breathtaking Setting or Spendy but Worth It!

I’m not going to lie, this is a bucket list luxurious 5 star experience that’s quite spendy, but totally worth it. Worth the splurge and the 8 hour drive from Annapolis. This is a long review, so see below for the TL: DR.

Short Version or TL: DR:

Stay on the property, consider splurging for a balcony room, and get the full package – this way you will enjoy unsurpassed luxury and service, and explore everything the Biltmore estate has to offer. Don’t miss the Cedric’s Tavern Lusty Monk mustard, winery tastings, & enjoying a cheese platter on the verandah outside the library weather permitting. Best hotel stay ever! So good, we’re going back next week!

Long version:

I’ve been fortunate and blessed to have traveled a bit thanks to my curiosity & career. I’ve also stayed in some pretty swanky places from London, Paris, Calgary to Sydney but this stay at the Biltmore Inn delivered unsurpassed 5 star luxury and outstanding world-class service. We stayed here last April 19th for 2 nights at the Inn in King Balcony Rooms that opened up to spectacular views.

The morning we arrived, it was pouring rain of Noah-like proportions, flooding, closing roads, and overflowing river banks — but no amount of deluge could dampen our wonderful experience.
From the moment we drove up, the gracious, attentive, and seamless service starts. Dad was so excited that there’s a TESLA Super Charger on property! (Mom & I are convinced that’s why he finally gave in to our requests to visit!) The service here – it’s like living in cashmere – everything is soft and lovely from the beautifully appointed lobby that opens out onto gracious terraces to the vast fireplace on the far right that gave us the warming we needed after the soaking rain.

Check-in wasn’t until 4pm so we stored our luggage with the friendly porter, charged the Tesla, grabbed an umbrella, and hopped the shuttle to tour the mansion. Just Lovely. Then caught the shuttle to Antler Village and was lucky enough to score a round booth at Cedric’s Pub for a delicious lunch. (see separate the dining review) Then we got the call that we could check in a little early! Back on the shuttle dodging raindrops and were wowed by our rooms!

Our lovely King Balcony rooms (my favorite – Room 734!) on the top floor for the BEST view ever of the mountains and Antler Village. You can even hear the music at night! This room featured a covered stone balcony with lovely patio furniture and breathtaking views (see pictures!), a luxurious bathtub with jets, separate shower, sumptuous bedding, and all the amenities one would want – except for a small refrigerator. I have meds that require refrigeration and I had requested that and it was delivered minutes after I arrived. You can can also rent one for $10 a day.

We wandered down to the Library & peeked out onto the lovely verandah with upholstered rocking chairs and small tables, and just as we did, the sun came out! Seconds later a server appeared and asked if we would like anything. Of course! A bottle Biltmore Pinot Grigio & Pellegrino and a sumptuous cheese platter was summoned and we had a delightful and happy hour relaxing and enjoying the spectacular views. Later that same attentive server switched our bill to the inside and we were given a bay window table for dinner. Perfection.

There are many benefits to staying at the Inn or on property and buying the full Estate package. The free shuttle service all over the estate including to Antler Village (dining, shopping, winery, & live entertainment!) and, of course, the Mansion. Free package delivery to your room from any Biltmore shop. Events, tours, activities, walks, carriage rides, and so many dining options you are spoiled for choices.

Included with our package, a buffet Breakfast in the Dining Room that was expansive and delicious – and the view is just stunning! Even though it’s included in the package don’t forget to tip your attentive server.

I loved the shops at the Inn (and the entire estate!), Dad liked a Sandalwood shaving cream and I craftily arranged to get him a full set for Father’s Day. You can also purchase a bottle of chilled Estate wine and boutique sweets in the lobby shop along with cozy robes and glitzy garb.

Here’s the clincher: my Mom was waxing rhapsodic on our last night at dinner that this was on her bucket list and she was so glad she had a chance to experience it at least once in her lifetime…(we had had some Pinot by this time & were in that lovey entranced mood) Dad just grinned wryly, pulled out his credit card, and urged us to go immediately to the Reservations desk and secure the same rooms to come back for a fall visit to enjoy the foliage — and that’s what we’re going to do….next week!

I’ve begged (nicely!) first the Concierge & then Reservations team to try & get the same room again 734 and maybe hostelry perfection lighting can’t strike twice, but we’re so excited to go back again! I’ve also pre-arranged for a Julep cup of roses for Mom & goodies for my Dad to be delivered to their room (who doesn’t love those kind of treats?) & roses for myself, too! This is living the luxurious life, and even if for only a few days, to feel like a Vanderbilt!

Dining at the Inn Library- Isn’t it beautiful!?

Pro-Tip: If you bring in a bottle of any Biltmore wine to any of the restaurants on property they will serve it to you without a corkage fee. (Saves $$ – the Pintot is $13 a bottle in the winery shop but $30 something by the bottle at the tavern) You can buy their wine at the winery shop only a few steps away from the Bistro, Tavern, and at the gift shop at the Inn.

Important UPDATE: – I’m going to have to check on this. Our last trip when we were dining at Cedric’s they charged us $9 corkage fee for a Biltmore winery bottle we purchased and opened and couldn’t finish at the Wine Bar that we brought to the Tavern. BUT…we weren’t charged a corkage fee when we stayed at the INN. Confusing. It’s a Biltmore wine, bought on property, we should be able to take it to an on-site restaurant. Seems silly to fuss about a nominal charge when you’re spending big bucks — but my Dad HATES to be nickeled and dimed.

This coming visit – next week, we’re going to stay our first night at the Village Inn to give that a whirl before staying two more nights at the Inn with the full package. Don’t know if TA allows updates, but I’ll let you know if this magical foray on the Biltmore Estate delivers yet again — I’m sure it shall! Thank you for reading, sorry it was so long! I may have to make this into a blog post (with pictures) on my Coastal Cottage DE blog. Cheers dears!

Staying on the Biltmore property is a transformative, amazing, and beautiful. It’s the only way to get the full Estate experience! It’s like living in another world. And it’s kind of addictive!

Here’s a pic from our visit in late October

Here are my parents, ain’t they just the cutest?

It’s way past my bedtime for this update– so I’m going to be lazy now and embed ALL my pics.

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Header photo sourced by The Biltmore Company and found in this article: The History of the Biltmore Estate – Garden & Gun