May 28, 2024


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An Updated Guide to Finding Media for Classroom Projects


The Online helps make it effortless to come across and speedily download graphic, online video, and audio data files. But as some individuals have realized the really hard way, just for the reason that you can download it doesn’t indicate that you can use it however you like. Even if it is for classroom use, you nonetheless just can’t just dismiss copyright laws.

Ahead of I go any more I require to give two disclaimers. To start with, every single state has a bit diverse rules pertaining to copyright. I live and function in the U.S. so this is from that perspective. 2nd, I am not an attorney.

The most effective way to keep away from any copyright-relevant challenges is to use your have media every time feasible. Of study course, that is not usually useful or even doable. Which is when you’ll want to look for works that are in the public area or will work that have a Creative Commons license. Reasonable use is a murky location and ought to be a past vacation resort for classroom tasks.

I established a brief guidebook to assistance you and your college students uncover media that is in the general public area and or has a Innovative Commons license. The guideline you’ll come across lists of resources for image, video, and audio data files. The guidebook also includes temporary explanations of general public domain, Innovative Commons, and Fair Use. You can get your copy of my up to date guide to getting media for classroom projects as embedded below as a PDF. You can also see it here as a Google Doc.


Build a B-roll Folder

If you teach elementary school college students, you might locate it beneficial to generate folders of approved images, videos, and appears that they can use in their projects. You can do that relatively effortlessly in Google Drive and OneDrive. This movie demonstrates how to do that.

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