June 19, 2024


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6 Best Math Problem Solver Apps

6 Best Math Problem Solver Apps

Below is a collection of some good math problem solver apps to help students with their math homework. These apps provide detailed instructions on how to solve a wide variety of math problems covering different mathematical topics from algebra and trigonometry to complex calculus and statistics.

The main educational strength of these math solver apps is that they help students visualize the process leading to solutions. As they follow the step by step explanations, students develop their math skills and consolidate their math knowledge. For websites that offer math homework help, check out best math homework solver tools for students.

math problem solver apps

1. Mathway Mathway

Mathway is a problem solver app that includes advanced math calculators for algebra, graphing, and calculus. Simply type in your math problem or point the camera of your device and take a picture of it and the app instantly generates step by step solutions. Mathway also includes a voice to text feature which enables you to say your math problem and have it converted to text. 

There is also a section where students can access examples of solved math problems. Students can simply type in a math problem or use the categories under the search box to browse these examples. They can also use the Popular Problems column on the right for quick access to examples.

 Compatibility: iPad/iPhone, Android; Price: Free, offers in-app purchases.  

2. Microsoft Math Solver

Microsoft Math Solver offers free step by step instructions to help you with your math homework. It covers various topics from arithmetic to advanced algebra and calculus. The way it works is simple: you can enter your math problem, scan a math photo or handwrite it, Microsoft Math Solve instantly recognizes it and provides with you guided explanation to solve it including interactive graphs, similar math problems from around the web, and online video tutorials.

 Compatibility: iPad/iPhone, AndroidPrice: Free.  

3. Cymath

Cymath is a math problem solver app for students of various grades and skill levels. Students can either type their math problems or snap a photo of them and let the app solve it step by step. 

Math topics covered include: Algebra (e.g., equation solving, factoring, logarithms, exponents, complex numbers, quadratic equations, trigonometry, etc), Calculus (e.g., quotient rule, chain rule, u-substitution, integration by parts, integration by partial fraction, trigonometric substitution, and more), and graphing (e.g., graph generation, intercepts, asymptotes, domains, ranges, etc), and more.

 Compatibility: iPad/iPhone, AndroidPrice: Free, offers in-app purchases.  

4. Gaumath

Gaumath is a math problem solver app that helps you find solutions to complex math equations. Maths topics covered include math word problems, function, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, matrix, and logic. 

Besides the step by step explanations, Gaumath also offers a 24/7 online math tutors. Simply take a photo of your math problem using the math homework solver app and access instant step-by-step solutions.

 Compatibility: iPad/iPhone, AndroidPrice: Free, offers in-app purchases.  

5. Photomath

Photomath is another powerful math problem solver app. It offers step by step explanations to math problems covering different topics from geometry to word problems. These explanations are illustrated with interactive graphs and several solution methods. 

This math problem solver app also includes an advanced scientific calculator to facilitate your complex math calculations. Main math topics covered are: numbers and quantity, functions, algebra, trigonometry and angles, sequences, calculus, among others.

6. MathPapa

MathPapa helps you solve your algebra problems step by step. More specifically, it can help you find out solutions to linear equations and quadratic equations, linear and quadratic inequalities, graphs equations, factors quadratic expressions, systems of two equations, order of operations step-by-step, and more. Simply enter your algebra problem into the calculator and click to get step by step explanations.