May 30, 2024


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5 Reasons Why You Should Study a Masters in the UK


In today’s globalised society, we have the ability to study in a vast array of countries all over the world. So how do you choose? While we can’t pick your study abroad destination for you, we can lay out some options.

For this blog we’ve taken a specific look at the five main factors that make the UK an excellent place to study for international students. From generous funding to a delicious roast dinner, here’s everything you need to know!

#1 Funding

As one of the most popular destinations for international study, the UK has lots of financial incentives available for postgraduate students. Some of the most popular government funding schemes aimed at international students are:

Each programme has its own eligibility requirements so make sure to check out our regularly updated guides.

Both the Chevening programme and Commonwealth scholarships cover tuition fees and travel costs for successful applicants, as well as providing a monthly living allowance. GREAT scholarships will offer at least £10,000 towards tuition and living fees and Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships offer up to £8,000 to cover one year of tuition.

There are plenty of schemes and grants out there to help fund prospective students from particular countries to study in the UK, run by organisations that aim to foster international connections. You can find out more about these in our guide to international Masters funding in the UK.

Although the UK is no longer part of Europe, they have continued to encourage international education and opportunities. Last year the Graduate Route visa was launched, allowing students to remain in the UK after completing a degree. For those with a valid student visa who complete a Masters degree at a British university, you can stay in the country for up to two years post-graduation without any employment restrictions. You don’t need to hold a formal employment offer, either.

#3 World-renowned research

One of the great things about studying a Masters degree in the UK is that you’ll be in one of the top performing countries in the world. According to three different world rankings (QS, THE, ARWU), the UK has more listed universities than another other European country. Only beaten out by the USA, the UK has the second largest number of top universities listed in the world.

As a hub for internationally renowned research, obtaining a postgraduate degree from the UK could help you stand out from the rest in your career or further study applications.

Find out more in our guide to the top universities in the UK.

Because of the UK’s success in education, it attracts students from across the world. In 2020 it was home to over 435,000 international students. Additionally, a study from HEPI indicates that in the academic year 2019/20, about 58% of postgraduates studying full-time in the UK were international students. You can rest assured that there will be plenty of other people in your position, so you won’t be alone. Institutions will also be well practiced in aiding international students, with dedicated international offices.

Attracting people from all over the world, many university campuses are extremely multicultural. While Britain has plenty to offer visitors, it’s also exciting to know that you can experience the traditions and languages of many different cultures all in one place.

Which brings us on to the last thing that makes the UK a great place to study – the culture. Though a small collection of nations, the cultures within them can be as different as night and day. You could spend your time practising English, one of the most widely spoken languages, or you might decide to learn Welsh or Gaelic. In the north you can try local Scottish foods, like haggis and scotch eggs, or learn what people really mean when they compare something to a chocolate tea pot.

While a lot of countries frown upon the beige quality of British food, you’ll get to experience first-hand the delicious stodge we all love so much! From Yorkshire puddings to beans on toast, the UK may not have the colourful explosions of other cuisines but it knows comfort food better than anyone.

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