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10 Ways to Support Children Experiencing Anxiety


Steven Robertson

Steven writes for the Teacher Toolkit site from a primary viewpoint. He is a year 2 teacher in a catholic major school in Runcorn. While now in critical phase 1, he has practical experience training throughout a range of yr teams and has previously taught in…
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Do you locate that a major range of pupils are presenting an enhanced want for mental wellbeing guidance?

A recent study of the psychological wellbeing of children and younger persons in England uncovered that one in six 5-19 yr olds had at minimum a person psychological overall health problem (NHS 2021).

One such problem which we may well reasonably be expecting to experience in our post-pandemic globe is stress.

All people ordeals anxiety, a emotion of unease such as be concerned or worry, at some point in their daily life. This is absolutely usual, but some young children obtain it difficult to command their worries to an extent that it impacts negatively on their day by day lives. This sort of pupils may have also had adverse childhood encounters (ACE) during or as a result of the pandemic.

There is no good ‘one measurement suits all’ model to describe how young children going through stress and anxiety will existing in your classroom. Nevertheless, under you will come across a record of behaviours which may perhaps reveal a little one is going through anxiousness.

Pinpointing Pupils with Stress


  1. Young small children frequently lack the consciousness or potential to verbalise their emotions. They may possibly express stress by means of bodily issues these types of as muscle pressure, a lump in the throat, head aches or thoughts of nausea.
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  3. They may well not be the form of pupil who normally seems on your radar. They can be reluctant to share their concepts or add to classes.
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  5. Alternatively, they may perhaps swiftly get disappointed or angry and wrestle to regulate their outbursts.
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  7. They might go through from stress attacks (even though not all pupils with stress and anxiety expertise this).
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  9. They may perhaps be reluctant to arrive to faculty and mother and father could possibly describe issue in obtaining them to the college gates. Their attendance may also suffer as a consequence.
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  11. They may perhaps dislike disruptions to regimen and be unwilling to interact with new ordeals.
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  13. They may perhaps be a bit of a doomsayer, constantly worrying or getting destructive views.
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  15. They may perhaps be psychological or clingy.
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  17. They may seem distracted or struggle to focus on the discovering getting put in lessons.
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  19. They may perhaps be overtired or restless thanks to a absence of high quality snooze.
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So, how can we enable pupils dealing with stress in the classroom?

Techniques to enable

Again, various pupils will answer in different ways to diverse solutions, but the next approaches can be applied to assist pupils take care of thoughts of nervousness in the classroom.  

1. Train pupils about panic and how to discover it

Kids can frequently fall short to comprehend that they have anxiousness and start out to believe that anything is wrong with them. It is crucial to educate pupils about stress and anxiety and how to recognise triggers. Outlining that it is a frequent and standard experience can cut down confusion or anxieties and empower pupils to start out to handle their emotions of anxiousness.

2. Establish routines and describe improvements as early as doable

We all know there is no this sort of detail as a ‘normal faculty day’ but having a set program and sticking to it as substantially as feasible will support pupils with anxiousness truly feel far more comfortable and at ease. Notifying pupils of any prospective alterations with adequate warning will also support relieve anxiety.  Visual timetables are a terrific classroom aid …

3. Remain serene and stimulate positivity

Anxious pupils typically benefit from environments free from way too a lot noise, movement or vibrant colours. Consider to continue to keep factors easy and distraction-cost-free wherever probable. Consider to steer clear of projecting any worries or insecurities onto this kind of pupils and stimulate them to believe positively design currently being positive in their corporation. 

4. Backs to the wall

Remaining unaware of what is happening driving them can set off inner thoughts of stress for some pupils. Rows of peers, noises by means of open home windows and open doorways foremost to folks arriving unannounced can direct to nervous pupils emotion insecure and distracted. Permitting them to sit with their again to the wall makes certain they can see anything that is happening in front of them …

5. Motion breaks

Movement breaks are a excellent way to support maintain concentration and concentrate for all pupils.

Even so, for all those encountering anxiousness, it also provides an opportunity to self-regulate their feelings and set by themselves up to get started performing yet again. Motion breaks, as the title indicates, is a time when you actively really encourage the pupils to get up and go all over for a brief amount of money of time. This can be structured using exercise routines or as straightforward as acquiring a pupil walk to get a drink of water and return to their seat.  

6. Protected house or time out

Owning a protected room or the ability to get rid of on their own from the classroom can be very reassuring to pupils suffering from anxiousness. It makes it possible for the pupil to recover from a annoying practical experience. It should really be observed as a approach to utilise when a situation warrants it to make it possible for the pupil to proceed mastering and not be utilised as a sanction or reward. 

It’s also critical for other customers of employees to have an understanding of that the pupil is not leaving the place or standing outside thanks to a behaviour issue. An exit move might be useful in your location. 

7. Breathe it out

Slowing down your respiration is a way to regain regulate and launch tension.

Educate the kids some straightforward respiration strategies which can be applied at almost any time. A definitely basic 1 is to choose a deep breath in from the diaphragm and enable yourself to observe that tight feeling in your lungs. Then breathe out slowly and gradually and really feel all the tightness go absent.  

8. Use a Stress Box or a Soothe Box

A worry box is a little box that pupils can make as a physical way of getting rid of their concerns so that they do not need to have them all over anymore. They can write their concerns on a put up-it and place them in their box to release it.

A soothe box is a self-created box loaded with goods which floor you these as feathers or glitter sticks. They make you truly feel a lot more peaceful and minimize thoughts of panic. The two bins can be built by the pupil and utilised as and when they feel their anxiety expanding.

9. A trusted partnership with a essential grownup

Little ones construct and preserve sturdy associations with key adults as they go through faculty. Making it possible for the little one the chance to make such interactions and ‘touch base’ with these adults at certain points of the day can support alleviate strain. 

10. Further support 

If you have any pupils with nervousness, be certain that you have normal get in touch with with mom and dad and assure that pupils are accessing further assist possibly in or out of university where by expected. Talk about concerns with the university SENDCo and look at to see if any further more qualified aid is easily obtainable. 

These procedures will go a lengthy way in supporting pupils with panic.


Following time you see your class, consider a mental observe of any one who would reward from these concepts. Make it a practice to retain checking the wellbeing of pupils in your care. Emotional wellbeing will unlock the key to academic progress …




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