July 16, 2024


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🎙️ Podcast 136: Teaching History and Headship


Libby Isaac

I am a former Head of School, I now work more flexible working hours as I have a very young family. I am a Teaching and Learning Co-Ordinator for a Secondary School. I am an experienced senior leader and school improvement consultant. I am a…
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What if all teachers were given time to visit other schools?

In our 136th podcast, we interview Robert Peal, a teacher, historian, author and now co-headteacher of West London Free School …

Listen to the podcast (25 minutes)

In this podcast, listen to Robert and Teacher Toolkit podcaster, Libby discuss

  • Robert’s background towards becoming a co-headteacher at the West London Free School
  • A discussion around flexible working and leadership.
  • The focus from pandemic (operational) to a new shift on mental health for staff and students.
  • Oracy within a secondary school and the power and importance of a student voice.
  • The benefits of visiting other lessons and other educational settings for professional development.
  • The quality of education and the delivery of this within the classroom and,
  • A discussion on marking and the individual teacher …

Watch the conversation

All teachers can benefit from watching others teach and from visiting other schools. When last did you take time to do this?

You can read Robert’s blog, follow him on Twitter and discover his published books.



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